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**  Important to know, before entering any BMX race!  **

There are certain rules and regulations when BMX racing, which you need to be aware of.  There are different 'tolerances' of regulations from Club race level through to Regional and National - speak to one of our professionally accredited coaches for clarification and advice, or click on this link below:

British Cycling BMX Specific Regulations

Racing number plates - all BMX riders must display a number plate at race meetings.  The regulations regarding this vary and you need to know what's required before arriving on the day.  At Club level, you can choose any number (within reason) to display on your plate - Denham at DC Cycles can provide you with a race plate AND numbers, along with ties to ensure it stays put during the racing!  At Club level, there are no specific reequirements in terms of colour of plate, numbers used etc, although you MUST use the same number for each round of a Club series.

At regional level, you can use any number you desire, though a side plate will also be required, to match the number of your front plate.  You'll need to keep this number throughout the course of the regional races.

At national level, the requirements are VERY different and you MUST display the required race plates, in the specified colours.  Riders at national level use the last 3 digits of their British Cycling race licence as their race plate numbers, as the likelihood for duplication reduced (though not eliminated entirely) - should a duplicate number occur, you'll be asked to place a 'X' after the main numbers. The plate must also include the riders age group. For further information, please click on the link below, or on the 'Big Daddy Custom Plates' logo to the right of this page.  Big Daddy Custom plates can make up custom race 'stickers' to add to an existing plate, or supply a new one.  They can also provide the side number plates - required for the 2016/17 season!

British Cycling specific number plate regulations

If you need advice on anything relating to BMX racing, the best advice we can provide is to speak to one of our coaches, who will be able to point you in the right direction.  There's always lots of advice and help to get you started in BMX racing and to ensure you're race legal at ALL meetings.  We've tried to provide some pointers here, however if in doubt, ask!

The 2016 Knightwood Club Series...

Open practice starts @10am, Registration opens @ 10.30am, Racing starts around 12 noon

ENTRY FEES:    £6 for 20" & 24"   &    £3 for Striders

**Presentation Evening Friday 9th December**


The 2016 Deep South Series...

Keep your self up-to-date on their facebook page 'Deep South Winter Series' or on their website page


Knightwood BMX Club won the Deep South Series Club Trophy 15/16.  Having only been established a little over 2 years at the start of the series we are extremely proud of our achievement and is a result of a lot of dedication from riders, coaches and everyone who gives up their spare time to make Knightwood successful.  So a massive thank you and well done to all.