Knightwood BMX Coaching Sessions

Effective from this Saturday 18th October riders will be split into 2 main groups called Regional Plus and Novice/Club. Riders are advised to attend the session they feel best fits them at first and the coaches will advise if they need to change group. Riders will need to arrive at least 15 mins prior to their session to get booked in so as not to delay the start of the session. Coaching sessions will last for approx 45mins allowing a short break for the coaches between groups:

10am Regional plus
This session is aimed at riders currently racing at regional or above level. However coaches may invite other riders to participate in this group. The track will be closed during this session for safety reasons.

11am Novice/club
This session is aimed at beginners and those racing at club races. Part of the track will usually remain open for Regional plus riders to practice on during this session.

12pm - 1pm Open gates/fun sessions
Gate practice, fun games or a chance for some of the regional plus riders to visit other tracks.





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Health & Fitness - it's all about YOU!

Welcome to our health and fitness section of our website!  We're in the process of getting together some fantastic tips to ensure our BMX riders are in tip top shape - it's not just about how good your bike is!  As a BMX rider, most of the power and raw energy needed to get round the track comes from YOU as the rider.  Your legs, arms, core strength and overall balance are greatly influenced by how well you prepare physically and mentally.

With this in mind, Knightwood BMX Club have enlisted the help of some health& fitness experts, to provide you with the 'complete package' of tools required for this physically challenging, but ultimately very rewarding sport.

These articles are in the process of being written, they'll be uploaded to this section very shortly, so check back in due course.

BMX Fuel - Super Smoothies!

We will also be providing tips on nutrition, as this also can affect the levels at which your body can perform, along with improving recovery times in between races or after a hard session on the track.  During a race, riders need a combination of explosive power at the start but also need the endurance and stamina to complete the course - a combination of good health, fitness and nutrition can help this greatly, which is why we'll also be looking at providing some healthy tips and some recipe's for smoothies (all natural) to help your body cope with the challenges of BMX racing.